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“Sophie Cross”: What results for the new police series of France 3? – Ozap


Nov 24, 2021

France 3 has found its new police heroine. Since November 9, every Tuesday in prime time, viewers had an appointment with “Sophie Cross”, a new series created by Paul Piedfort and notably produced by Toma de Matteis, already at the helm of the daily soap opera “Un si grand soleil” for France 2. In this novelty, the title role was played by Alexia Barlier evolving in the skin of a mother in search of her son Arthur. Three years after her disappearance, she decided to take training to join the police and join the ranks of the criminal unit led by her husband Thomas (Thomas Jouannet).

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With the common theme of the investigation into Arthur’s disappearance, the public was treated to murders to be solved in each of the three episodes broadcast, such as that of a teacher found lifeless in the parking lot of his school or that of a private investigator.

So many intrigues that attracted viewers. Indeed, from its first week of broadcast, “Sophie Cross” rose to second place in the evening’s hearings against “Koh-Lanta” and showed astonishing resistance the following week despite the competition of the match. des Bleus on the first channel. But the consecration arrived Tuesday evening for the detective series, which came first in prime time against the adventure game of TF1 by exceeding for the first time the bar of 4 million faithful.

Good results for “Sophie Cross”

In the end, the three episodes broadcast between November 9 and 23 were able to count on average and in audience watch on 3.89 million curious, for a market share of 17.6% among the general public according to Médiamétrie. A good score for France 3 in prime time. If the channel was delighted on social networks of the audience made last night, it has not yet communicated on the possibility of offering a sequel to its new series.

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