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Coming of CNEWS and Morandini to Lyon: a show under high tension in the face of ultragrauche, a Dalton arrested – Lyon Mag


Nov 24, 2021

The CNEWS presenter offers at 10:30 a number of his show “Face à la rue” with Jordan Bardella (RN) in the Guillotière district. And in the face of calls for violence and excesses launched by anti-fascists from Lyon and even the Daltons, a very large police force has been deployed. “This is the first time that there is such tension on a shoot”, announced Jean-Marc Morandini before the start of Face à la Rue, before being the target of projectiles.

Since the interest of the national media in La Guillotière, following the closure of the Casino at 5 p.m. and the end of the McDonald’s dining room service, the prefecture had finally mobilized substantial and long-term resources to give back to Place Gabriel- Peri calm and serenity.

The district straddling the 3rd and 7th arrondissements is cordoned off, dozens of CRS coaches, the Bac as well as bikers from the municipal and national police are present.

On the Place Gabriel-Péri, nearly a hundred demonstrators are for the moment contained by the police. Projectile throwing has already started. “Fachos out”, “Death” and “CNEWS fachos” are notably chanted by activists of the ultra-left. The Daltons have kept their word and are here.

This event has an impact on the TCL network. Line T1 does not serve district stations until 12 noon.

Jean-Marc Morandini was forced to retreat to a hotel, the show was finally able to begin shortly after 10:35 am. The elected RN Andrea Kotarac and Isabelle Surply are also alongside Jordan Bardella. Gregory Doucet, green mayor of Lyon, was invited but refused to participate in Face à la Rue.

Sounds of explosion disrupted the current program, the police intervene for these mortar shootings which would be the work of the Daltons. One of the rappers was arrested, the other two fled.

Arrived on the Place Gabriel-Péri, Jean-Marc Morandini wiped new throws of eggs and firecrackers. Several charges of CRS took place. There are now nearly 200 demonstrators.

Several residents, as well as elected officials such as the mayor of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, Peter Oliver, spoke against Jordan Bardella.

After 12 noon, while the show ended, the rallying of the ultra-left continued. “Free the Daltons, lock up Morandini” chanted the crowd.

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