• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Jobs, Draghi: “Young people and women pay the highest pandemic price”


May 7, 2021

from the correspondent Ileana Sciarra – “The shock caused by Covid 19 has made these gaps even deeper. Just as during the Great Recession and the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, it is our young people and our women who pay the price for this tragedy. These fractures have deep historical and cultural roots. But they also reveal evident institutional and legal shortcomings “. So premier Mario Draghi, speaking at the panel on ‘Employment and Jobs’ at the Social Summit in Porto. “The EU has long made its social model a point of pride. The European dream is to ensure that no one is left behind. But even before the pandemic, our societies and labor markets were fragmented. Generational inequalities, Gender inequalities and regional inequalities “, explained Draghi.” In the EU – he continued -, one in seven young people is not employed, nor does he attend an education or training course. In Italy we are close to one in four. employment gap between men and women in the EU stands at 11.3 percentage points. In Italy it is almost double. One third of the Italian population lives in the southern regions, but its share of total employment is only one fourth. This is not Italy as it should be, nor Europe as it should be “. For Draghi,” too many EU countries have a dual-track labor market, which benefits the ‘guaranteed’ – usually the workers older and male – at the expense of d and the ‘unsecured’, such as women and young people. While the so-called secured are better paid and enjoy greater job security, the unsecured suffer from a precarious working life. This system is profoundly unfair and constitutes an obstacle to our ability to grow and innovate “.” Italy – explained the premier -, thanks to the Recovery and Resilience Plan, is trying to remedy this sad situation. € 6 billion will be invested to reform active labor market policies. The Plan includes an Employability and Skills Program, intended for the training and retraining of those who have to change jobs or are looking for a first job, following the example of the European Youth Guarantee Program “.” 4.6 billion euros are destined – the Prime Minister therefore remembers – to increase the number of nursery schools and nursery schools, alleviating the burden of working mothers. There are also measures to combat child poverty. Italy supports the European Commission’s draft proposal for a European guarantee for children, as well as the principles contained in the agenda relating to long-term care and equal opportunities in terms of gender. Over 14 billion euros are planned for transport infrastructure in the South, to increase productivity and market access for businesses and workers. “” Let’s make sure that fiscal support is not withdrawn soon “and” let’s make sure that the program Sure of the EU Commission remains implemented “, added Draghi.