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Deconfinement: curfew, restaurants, health pass … which changes on June 9 in France


Jun 8, 2021

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Wednesday June 9, France begins another phase of its deconfinement with the reopening of indoor restaurants and cafes, the relaxation of gauges for cinemas and shops as well as a curfew staggered from 2 hrs 23 hrs.

“The reopening of our restaurants, of our French art of living, is tremendous news for 68 million French people”. Visiting the Drôme, Tuesday June 8, on the eve of a new stage of deconfinement, President Emmanuel Macron did not shy away from his pleasure. While the health situation continues to improve in France, the country is gradually easing its restrictive measures, according to the roadmap announced on April 29.

After the reopening of terraces, cultural places and all shops since May 19, the new directives now provide for the resumption of indoor service for cafes and restaurants, a curfew extended to 11 p.m. or even a relaxation of gauges in shops, cinemas and museums.

  • The curfew is reduced from 21 to 23 h

Having become one of the flagship measures of French health policy to fight against the spread of Covid-19, the curfew begins, Wednesday, June 9, a new mutation. Introduced last December, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., then moved to 6 p.m., 7 p.m. and finally 9 p.m. in May, it is now established at 11 p.m. A godsend for restaurateurs and cafes, but also for cinemas, so far deprived of the 8 p.m. screening due to health restrictions.

  • Reopening of indoor restaurants and cafes and sports halls

For lack of terraces, tens of thousands of restaurants were left behind during the previous stage of deconfinement, on May 19. An injustice repaired today with the long-awaited reopening of restaurants and indoor cafes, according to a strict health protocol. While outdoor terraces can accommodate 100% of their capacity, cafes and restaurants must meet a 50% gauge indoors. Attendance per table is limited to six people.

After seven months of closure, the sports halls and indoor swimming pools are also back in service, with a level of 50%.

  • Streamlining of the protocol for businesses and places of culture

Many other establishments should see their attendance increase with this new health protocol. Among them, businesses, now required to respect a gauge of 4m2 per person instead of 8, i.e. a doubling of the number of authorized customers. This new calculation also applies to museums, which can now double their number of visitors.

For cinemas, theaters and performance halls, the limit is now set at 65% of the workforce, (35% previously), as are outdoor seated festivals and zoos.

  • Beginning of gradual return to the office

On June 9, France also initiated the gradual return to business and the resumption of a certain collective life, although it is still constrained by health rules.

The new version of the national company protocol provides that “employers set, within the framework of local social dialogue, a minimum number of teleworking days per week, for activities which allow it”. Since the end of October, the protocol has provided for 100% teleworking for any employee able to perform all of their tasks remotely.

The State employer has, for its part, already set 3 days of telework from June 9 for the public service.

  • Green light for the health pass

The return of giant concerts is for now … provided you have a health pass. Wednesday enters into force this sesame giving access to gatherings of more than 1000 people including certain concerts, sporting events and large-scale trade shows. This pass is available free of charge for anyone with proof of vaccination, a PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours, or a certificate of immunity to Covid-19 following an infection.

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  • Next step on June 30

Finally, for the total lifting of the curfew as well as the gauges in bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, museums or even in theaters, it will be necessary to wait a few more weeks with an appointment set for June 30. Gatherings of more than 10 people are also prohibited, with the exception of tour groups with a guide. Wearing a mask is also compulsory outdoors, at least until June 30.

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