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Libya, Saviano: “Do you shoot a fishing boat? As if they wanted to raise the stakes”


“The three Italian fishing boats were fishing for red shrimp when the machine guns arrived. The area where they were fishing is part of the fisheries protection zone established by Gaddafi; there are sanctions for fishing there, but there is no justified or legitimate aggression. he banned (without any international agreement) that area. Sanctions and kidnapping are probably a lever to ask for a bribe. The unusual thing is the use of machine guns against Italian fishing boats … as if the Libyans wanted to up the ante “. Roberto Saviano wrote it on his Twitter profile. Read also “After all – adds Saviano – Libya usually proclaims areas of its own competence, as it did to block the departures of migrants from its coasts. Minniti and Salvini have armed and financed those who do not scruple to torture migrants and attacked fishermen There is nothing more dangerous than those who say they want to defend the Italians when in reality they aim solely and exclusively for their own personal gain “.

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