Covid Gb, infections are growing: the reopening of June 21st at risk

In the United Kingdom there have been 5341 new cases of coronavirus and 4 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to data released by the British government, therefore confirming the resumption of infections, but not of deaths and hospitalizations, which is partly attributed to the spread of Delta variant, also known as Indian. Yesterday 5,765 new cases were recorded and the day before 6,238 infections, the highest number since the end of March. Precisely following the increase in infections, the British government is “absolutely open” to the idea of ​​postponing the date of the suspension of the anti Covid measures, now set to June 21, if necessary, said Health Minister Matt Hancock , during an interview with the BBC. An increase due to the spread of the Indian variant, known as the Delta variant, which would be 40% more contagious than the English variant, Hancock said, citing the latest scientific research. “It is more difficult to manage the virus with this new variant – said the minister in another interview with Sky News – but after two doses of the vaccine we are confident that we have the same protection as we had compared to the old variant”. The minister then urged “everyone to get the second vaccination, since only the first is not so effective”.

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