• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

London, fire in a building: over 100 firefighters on site


May 7, 2021

About a hundred firefighters called to put out a large fire that broke out in a 19-story building in east London. My London reports it, explaining that 125 firefighters are busy putting out the flames that have affected the building that is located in Fairmount Avenue. About 100 firefighters were called in for a fire on Fairmount Avenue in Poplar. Updates to follow, ” a spokesperson for the London fire brigade wrote on Twitter.The fire, which media reports is now under control, affected the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of the building. The causes that ignited the flames are currently unknown, explained a spokesman for the fire brigade. “Twenty fire engines and about 125 firefighters were called in for the fire,” the spokesman added. Several ambulances also arrived at Fairmont Avenue and one man was transferred to hospital with burns. All residents of the condominium were burned. They reported to the LBC that the fire alarms went off thirty minutes after the fire broke out.