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Give us holy peace! Analysts have taken Krajčí under the black ground: He is returning to the scene without shame and learning! –


Analysts from the Data without Pathos project ventured into the former head of the health sector. “We are not going to pay attention to the misinterpretation of data when the former minister was unable to see the strong onset of the second wave in September 2020, later dreamed of curve drops and broken neck of disgust, then cried but was unable to bang on the table when needed, later he rejected Pfizer’s and Moderna’s offers and did not even order them or put Sputnik into circulation when he could, “ appointed.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

Now, however, according to them, Krajčí returns to the stage without shame and teaches. “At the same time, it is clear that he should go around the Slovak cemeteries with candles and repent. room, “ they bequeathed to him.

Krajčí was reminded of the high number of deaths at the time he left the management of the department and also the low rate of vaccination of seniors. “You went to the waiting room for free in March and started vaccinating people over the age of 50. In March, the United Kingdom also started vaccinating people aged 50 and 55, but it had people over the age of 80 vaccinated with over 85 percent, strictly according to age and younger ages. only when she was vaccinated to 80 percent of the category 5 years older, ” compared. “You can only spread untruths, you have rumors and graphs turned around. Even today, we do not have 80 or more annual vaccinations over 60 percent, and we vaccinated DSSky in May.” continued.

They also addressed a note to the former minister that the director of his office and his wife had been vaccinated to the Three Kings. “And they’ve been together for about 80 years, not everyone sows,” they stated that exceptions and overtaking were common practice.

Vaccination with the 3rd dose of the vaccine

Source: TASR – Jakub Kotian

They also objected to the claim that we were a leader in vaccinations and that they blamed him for not undergoing elective surgery in connection with the second wave since Christmas, and hundreds of people died unnecessarily. “You had no idea what the situation would be, you didn’t work with the data, you dreamed of 2000 and 1000 at the end of January, about the children at school since February. We had 3000 and the children at school until Easter. You bet with us and lost all 3 , ” they bequeathed to Krajčí.

“You had full hospitals with 4,000 patients with confirmed covid, hundreds and thousands more did not get to the hospitals, oxygen lines did not catch up. You had freezer trucks installed in the hospitals you run and you will say that you managed something. victims, as if we had ISIS here and not a manageable pandemic, ” continued to criticize.

Give us holy peace!

Source: Topky – Vlado Anjel

Krajčí was also accused of slandering everyone and laughing at them, humiliating his surroundings and scientists and not cooperating with anyone. “… you have not learned from any country, you have not copied anything good, you have announced that other countries will follow us and no one went our way (fortunately), you brought Slovakia to the finish line with 15,000 deaths, with medical staff in devastated state, with the escaping nurses, the horrified doctors, the disruption in the ministry, you have not reformed anything, “ they bequeathed to him, saying that the worst thing about it is that he did not understand anything and walks through the media “buntoší” against his own.

archive video

Krajčí recently criticized the current management of the pandemic. He pointed out that the students were not given antigen tests at the beginning of the year and also pointed out the high numbers of victims. He also said that it would not be wrong to organize a comprehensive test in a deteriorating situation. Criticism was directed at his successor, Vladimír Lengvarský (OĽaNO nominee).


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