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The situation has worsened again: More and more people are infected! COVID is working properly, compliance with the rules is failing –


There will be 39 districts in the burgundy phase and eight districts will turn red. Eight of them will be orange. There are an average of 3,646 new coronavirus infections per day. The number of hospitalized patients also increased from 891 to 1223 patients.

CURRENT The Dušičky will end up in the worst phase: we will already have 24 districts in Čierny!

129 people need artificial lung ventilation

There are currently 129 patients on artificial lung ventilation. On Wednesday, after a government meeting, Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský informed about it. No district will be green from next week. More than 10,000 vaccinated with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine per week.

However, approximately 180,000 people over the age of 70 are still not vaccinated. The majority of patients in hospitals, specifically 79 percent, are not vaccinated at all or not at all. In total, 32 percent of the beds are reprofiled.

The situation has worsened again:

“Which is a slightly optimistic report that the number of people on artificial lung ventilation has remained at 120 to 130 people in the last few days. I believe that what is critical, ie the care of patients on artificial lung ventilation, will still be at lower numbers. as it is now, “ he said. The most positively tested are in the category of children and also people aged 35 to 50 years.

The prime minister called on people to be vaccinated

Prime Minister Eduard Heger has called on people over the age of 50 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated people end up in hospitals the most, and vaccination is arguably the greatest protection against infection. The number of positives is still growing, currently more than 3,600 positive cases are on average.

“Therefore, I want to encourage people in black districts, because in several districts we see that there are only a few dozen people who lack this district to achieve minimum vaccination. They would avoid the worst phase of the COVID machine and strict measures,” said Prime Minister Eduard Heger after the government talks and called on 50+ people to be vaccinated.

The COVID machine is set up correctly, the problem is compliance with the rules

The district is colored on the basis of infected citizens living in the district. It will not turn red or burgundy based on what we do in Bratislava, but how many positive ones are in the district, “ Heger noted, adding that if a few dozen people were vaccinated, they could prevent their district from turning black. He cited Bratislava as an example, where vaccinations are high, so he never gets black, where there are the strictest rules.

The situation has worsened again:

According to the Prime Minister, the COVID machine itself is set up well. “The plan is well set up, the problem is that compliance fails, but it’s about our personal responsibility. Each of us decides how much to follow the rules and that affects the results.” he said. According to the Prime Minister, the observance of the rules in the districts by the inhabitants is crucial. He likened the situation to an intersection where there cannot be a police officer at every traffic light, because following the rules is about everyone’s responsibility.

The situation has worsened again:

“If you go red, you run the risk of being incredulously fooled by the green man and you may end up in the hospital. It’s very similar to a covid.” Heger remarked. He also said that in connection with the deteriorating pandemic situation, the government has not yet addressed the rent contribution for entrepreneurs. There is also no talk of an emergency, according to Heger, it is currently “out of the bowl”.

More than 66,000 people have already been vaccinated with the third dose against COVID-19

In Slovakia, they administered the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine in 66,304 cases from 19 to 26 October. There are currently 8,822 people in the waiting room for this dose of vaccine. It is vaccinated in 98 places, of which seven are large-capacity vaccination centers, 16 polyclinics and 75 hospitals. This was announced by the Minister of Health on Wednesday after the government meeting.

The situation has worsened again:

“The National Center for Health Information (NCZI) has sent more than 100,000 invitation SMS messages in the last few hours for vaccination with the third dose of vaccine.” NCZI spokeswoman Alžbeta Sivá said that on Wednesday more than 23,000 people who had been given this dose of COVID-19 vaccine were registered.

When vaccinated with the third dose, the Ministry of Health wants to give preference to higher grades. Lengvarský said that they want to know the interest of people, which will help the ministry to prepare for vaccination with the third dose of lower grades. According to the head of the health department, the system should be set up so that all interested parties can be vaccinated as soon as possible. The outing teams went to the campfire 16 times together with the intervention team of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. It also assists 142 professional soldiers, of which 91 are in hospitals and 51 are in regional public health offices.

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