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The aroused Matovič again abolished his own minister: I understand Kollár, he did almost nothing! We had at least a lottery –


“I am sorry for the current situation, but every single minister must behave responsibly, discuss it not only with the deputies. I would expect from Minister Lengvarsky that the 102 hospitals have been circulated. I have heard that he has visited very few of them, this is not an honest discussion , “ told reporters in parliament.

Matovič supports the introduction of better quality and the most effective health care. “Let’s do reforms, but reform can’t just be that someone draws something at the ministry at the table in Bratislava and then thinks that everyone can vote for it easily. From this point of view, I understand Boris Kollár’s position.” he stated that it was necessary to talk to partners and the opposition.

With such a reform, we would not support him either

“If it were to be at this stage, I am afraid that Minister Lengvarský would not get full support even in our club. It would be too great a risk to go to the polls with such a reform.” added Matovic. If reforms continue to be blocked, they will not happen, the minister thinks. “Then let’s ask ourselves whether this government actually makes sense when there are no reforms,” declared.

Source: SITA / Branislav Bibel

At the same time, Matovič stated that he was “ashamed” of the vaccination campaign of the Ministry of Health. “The Department of Health has done nothing to promote vaccination, we’ve made the Treasury at least something, and that’s a vaccination lottery.” he added.

We family hinders ignoring discussions with the regions

We family say that hospital reform is not discussed with the regions, fears the closure of hospitals. The minister declared that the hospitals would not be closed.

Parliament should address the reform at the current sitting. According to her, hospitals should be divided into five levels – community, regional, comprehensive, terminal and national. The optimization of the hospital network is part of a wider package of reforms that will follow immediately after its adoption.

For some people, the People’s Party will support the reform

The reform of hospitals will receive the support of non-attached deputies Miroslav Kollár and Tomáš Valášek in the plenary session of the National Council (NR) of the Slovak Republic. They both agreed that the reform is needed to improve the state of health care in Slovakia. Both also object to the position of the We Are the Family movement, which does not yet plan to support the reform and talks about reservations.

“Populists pretend to be fighting to maintain affordable health care. But it is only a dangerous illusion. The patient is close to the hospital, but he does not have quality care at an adequate level, or proper services and a friendly environment. so he has to travel, “ said Miroslav Kollár.

Party policy must go sideways

He noted that at a time when the necessary reforms were threatened by populists, it was necessary to set aside party policy and support solutions that could prevent the collapse of the health care system. He considers the reform of hospitals to be such a step. He talks about the play of some populist parties, which he described as dangerous and unfair to patients.

Valášek stated that the reform has a chance to get enough votes in the parliament even without the We Are Family movement. “Boris Kollár (We are a family) can afford to entrust his large family to private or foreign clinics. Most of us don’t. That’s why we need medical care to be not only available, but also of good quality.” said Valášek.

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