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Oct 27, 2021

During a press conference, members of the Freedom and Solidarity party said that they had been trying for a long time to make the vaccine a kind of ticket to freedom for people.

Richard Sulík and Jana Bittó Cigániková commented on the situation. They are of the opinion that vaccinated and obsolete people should have access to freer measures.

Overcome on the same level as vaccinations

“We have requested that the covid vending machine be modified so that if the restaurant owner is vaccinated and the staff is vaccinated, the vaccinated customers will also be open in the black districts.” said Richard Sulík.

He added that they also asked that overcrowded people be on the same level as vaccinated because they have antibodies.

“Thirdly, we suggest that jokers be used to the fullest extent possible wherever possible. We want people to see vaccination as a ticket to freedom. “ clarified Sulík.

source: TASR / Jakub Kotian

Vaccinated districts help

Cigániková explained at the outset that the proposals do not try to divide people or “punish them in any way”. At the same time, she pointed out the predictions and the pandemic situation, which, according to her, is currently better than expected. The prediction for 7 days of hospitalization of patients was 150 to 250 per day, currently it is 140.

There are many positive cases, but many of them are children, they do not end up in hospitals and it is very important to stick to critical indicators, not just positivity., ”Says Cigániková.

During the press conference, they clarified that the expected number of cases ending in pulmonary ventilation ranged from 120 to 170, but currently 127 people. According to Cigániková, the current numbers are said to be helped by the vaccinated districts.

In the end, the SaS party also clarified that they created specific points after consultation with the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.