• Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

The world’s most famous car rental company has ordered 100,000 Tesiels, paid an astronomical amount and the company’s shares have been fired – FonTech


Oct 26, 2021

Car rental cars usually have quite a lot in common. These are usually cheaper and very common models on the road, so that possible failures and knocks do not cost the operator too much money.

At the same time, however, they must be easy to operate so that even customers who have never sat in a particular car before can live quickly.

A huge Hertz car rental company with a global presence but now according to the Bloomberg website she took a revolutionary step. It has ordered 100,000 Tesiel in its portfolio in an effort to gradually move to fully electric vehicles.

Electromobility record

The mammoth order of $ 4.2 billion (€ 3.62 billion) is also the largest similar order in the history of electromobility. A simple recalculation of data from Bloomberg sources will reveal that Hertz will pay an average of $ 42,000, or € 36,220, for an electric car with the Elona Muska logo. This points to the Model 3, although car rental companies usually receive very interesting discounts on similar orders for their fleet.

The offer of a global car rental company will increase the number of electric cars in the next 14 months. They will first appear on the market in the USA, undoubtedly mainly in California. However, branches in some European countries could already see them in November.

Tesla broke a new record, increasing profits by 400%. It also surpassed a significant milestone in the number of cars produced

It’s not that simple

The challenge for Hertz will be to explain to customers that electric cars will offer sufficient range. He will also try to eliminate the fear of complicated charging by building his own network of chargers, which is definitely a long elbow process.

The game can also include a partnership with one of the already existing networks of quick chargers, or a special charging profile available on Superchargers from Tesla itself.

Hertz announced the electrification effort just weeks after the company escaped last year’s bankruptcy caused by the peak of the March 2020 pandemic. .

Bloomberg draws attention to a fact that you may have noticed on your travels around the world – the car rental segment is one of the most cost-effective, from which the customer takes only the least pleasant experiences from the entire communication with the customer.

Investors are excited

The stock markets have already responded to the report. Tesla shares jumped more than 4.5% before trading began, shows MarketWatch.

Hertz rose even more sharply, just before the markets opened by almost 6.5%. At the same time, the company returned to the stock exchange only in June, so similar tempting news suitably released to the world may not be completely accidental.