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Pubs about the curve of the third wave: The type of table mountain is starting to change to Everest – SME.sk


Oct 26, 2021

The increase in new cases of covid will continue.

Oct 26, 2021 at 3:11 pm SITA

BRATISLAVA. We expect an increase in new cases of the disease Covid-19 will continue, we are also monitoring it in the surrounding countries. We do not see any mechanism to stop this pandemic wave.

This was stated by the mathematician Richard Kollár in the Tuesday show Na telo Plus with Michal Kovačič.

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“The type of table mountain is starting to change to Mount Everest,” the infectologist thinks Vladimír Krčméry about the third wave pandemic curve.

The chairman of the Medical Trade Union Peter Visolajský added that experts already know quite a lot about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but they know far less about human immunity. Therefore, according to him, it is difficult to say how the pandemic will proceed.

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The biggest question with regard to last year’s second wave is what the situation will be at Christmas. The innkeepers reminded that we all need to do something to make this Christmas this peaceful and spent in the family, not in the hospital. He came across vaccinations, which Kollár agrees with.

However, he also points out that research has shown that the protection caused by the vaccine is declining over time, and that the Christmas period will therefore be critical in this regard. This is because at-risk groups were vaccinated nine months ago, so they should consider giving a third dose.

Therefore, Krčméry would not reject the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination of some selected professions. An overall increase in the number of people vaccinated, which is currently difficult to achieve, would also help.

However, Visolajský claims that we did not use all means to persuade people to be vaccinated against COVID-19. According to him, general practitioners should be more involved, who should, for example, better inform their patients even under the threat of sanctions.

Vaccination is 80 percent of success, but we must not neglect the remaining 20 percent of the solution. According to Krčméry, people are given a false feeling that vaccines against covid will resolve the pandemic and that it is not necessary to wear it drape whether to follow the spacings.

What is happening abroad shows that vaccination is not enough to overcome a coronavirus infection.

Massive vaccination of people with the third dose of vaccine is not yet necessary in the field of Kollár. However, he said, this will need to be reconsidered in the spring. He also explained that coronavirus is very likely to be encountered by most people during the third wave.

For those vaccinated, this will mean a so-called ‘boost’, ie the re-energization of the immune response, which should protect the person, even if he or she is not currently receiving a third dose.