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Di Canio and the audio on Mourinho: “It’s the worst of the worst”


May 6, 2021

“You’ve taken the worst of it right now. Poor thing, it’s over.” So Paolo Di Canio talks about José Mourinho and his arrival in Rome in an audio sent to a friend and Giallorossi fan on Whatsapp. The comment of the former Lazio footballer, today TV commentator, has been forwarded several times and in these hours he is causing a lot of discussion. The judgment on Di Canio’s Special One, in fact, is tranchant. “I understand that in Rome there was a need for a name, but it’s like when you take a player who is finished. He went to try as soon as possible to take a bench because he knew it, third exemption in four years, kicked out of all parts due to incompatibility and character, “Di Canio says in the audio message. “Instead – he adds – before he was strong in that and now even” he was sacked “for the results with Tottenham”. “Truly a disaster – he repeats -. Then for the environment Rome will also be beautiful, but then you expect who knows what and instead you took the worst of the worst because then it doesn’t even play football. You have fun in some press conference because it causes controversy, but to rebuild is the worst that could have been “. “He has always been my favorite – Di Canio specifies -, more than Guardiola as an idea of ​​a coach and for his ability to interact. But the last five years have been a disaster”. The former player then returned to his observations in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: “First of all, I must not apologize to anyone. I state that in private conversations I do as I please. Nobody can be indignant, not even the right-thinking ones they are unleashing now, I guess what they say privately in their conversations. And I do not accept teachings. Second thing: that audio circulating everywhere is part of another 6-7 messages in which I say other very positive things about Mourinho and that do not contradict what you hear it in the file. There are vowels, I don’t divulge them because they are private. The cowardice is that they only let that go, “he says. Was he a mockery? “It’s a ridiculous and even pathetic story. I understand how the world works, but I’m not interested in this form of communication – replies Di Canio-. We also talked for fun, to make fun of a historical friend. you think of things, not in those terms. I am not a Roma fan, of course. But I am free from conditioning “.” These are things that I have already said on TV -Continues Di Canio-, in the conversation I used a little sweetened language. I have been saying about Mourinho for three years. I had finished playing padel, I got into the car, I had stretched my calf. I answered a message while walking. I received vowels like ‘let’s win the championship’, ‘let’s do the Triplete’, ‘annamo a vince’. My answer was colorful. My friend countered ‘you’re right, but Roma need enthusiasm’. I added ‘that’s right, Mourinho brings enthusiasm’ “. On one thing, however, Di Canio corrects the shot: “I said ‘poor thing’, it wasn’t to belittle. But what poor thing, M ourinho has a stature, makes millions upon millions. Always, when he shared the scene with Guardiola, I always indicated him as number one. But not for the game, whether it was beautiful or not, but for the way it was team, for the intensity of the work, for the harmony in the locker room “.