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Tapiro to Ambra, Allegri: “I don’t talk about my private life”


Oct 16, 2021

The Golden Tapiro, with controversy, delivered to the former Ambra Angiolini? “I’ve never talked about my private life and I don’t intend to: these are two things I’ve always shared, that’s okay and it’s much more important to talk about tomorrow’s match.” So Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri answered a question about the recent break with Ambra during the press conference on the eve of Juventus-Roma. Read also FROM STRIPIRO THE ‘OFFICIAL’ PRESS RELEASE OF TAPIRO “The friend Ambra Angiolini, I want to say, was approached in a friendly way by the tapiroforo Valerio Staffelli: no escape, request to turn off the cameras or annoying signals. On the contrary!” . Striscia la Notizia, with a press release signed directly by the Golden Tapir and addressed to Minister Elena Bonetti, took a position yesterday after the controversies and criticisms related to the satirical news report and the ‘award’ to the actress. Like many people, famous and not, Minister Bonetti also expressed herself negatively on the service: “They went to the woman and not to the man.” “Dear Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Elena Bonetti, let me introduce myself: I am the Tapiro I wanted to write to you after she too – what an honor! – took a few minutes of her time to talk about me in the company of the brightest minds in the nation. I was born in 1996, an award with a long and sad face. then I am handed over to the so-called “attapirati.” Without going back over the years, I ended up in the hands of Stefano De Martino, Diletta Leotta, Riccardo Scamarcio, Belén Rodriguez, Ignazio Moser, Federica Pellegrini, Francesco Monte, etc. Reason? Their hearts broken, without distinction of gender. As you can see, I have always made it a point of honor to respect Equal Opportunities “, begins the Tapiro.” You, on the other hand, dear Minister, do not seem to consider Diletta Leotta worthy of her protection, with the usually doubles revealing opesism. My friend Ambra Angiolini, I want to say, was approached in a friendly way by the tapiroforo Valerio Staffelli: no escape, request to turn off the cameras or annoying signals. Indeed! “, Continues the letter-press release.” To show you that everything has been consummated in a serene way, on our site you can see the first part of the service, not aired: Ambra, who has a very long career behind her and a lot of practice with the entertainment world, she has never expressed the slightest desire to Staffelli not to be interviewed, as is evident throughout the report “, we read again.” With the cameras off, moreover, Ambra recommended to Staffelli that in the no actions were carried out that would upset the meaning of what she had said: a request naturally accepted. In the afternoon, before the service aired, when the post of the brilliant, very lucid, very mature Jolanda pen came out, to Staffelli, who had contacted her to ask for explanations, Ambra replied: “Oh my God, what did my daughter do ! “. Dear Minister Bonetti, Strip the news, as you know, is a satirical transmission whose mission is impossible to combat hypocrisy in the world “, continues the Tapir.” A lost war, given the number of enemies, but which for us is always worth the worth fighting for. How many whitewashed graves, pimps, fake moralists or simple charlatans, individuals in withdrawal crises or simply in need of daily externalization have felt authorized to pontificate on the subject! Who knows we won’t meet soon … “, concludes the Golden Tapir.

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