• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Coppa Italia and new format, it’s a clash: “Like the Superlega”


May 6, 2021

The new format of the Italian Cup, with only Serie A and Serie B teams, is already a coincidence. The formula, decided yesterday during the League Council with the aim of making the tournament more attractive from the first rounds, has created a fuss in the world of football made in Italy, with the managers of the minor leagues shouting scandal by comparing the project to that of the Superlega: translated, football only for the rich. “The new formula of the Italian Cup? I read it yesterday on the agency. I was told a week ago: we have to talk about the Italian Cup, I answered let’s talk about it, and then I read it yesterday. Football is in a period of reforms and we cannot proceed in tears, we must think as a system, this is the first problem “, says the president of the Lega Pro, Francesco Ghirelli to the Adnkronos. “Second question – he adds -, there is a previous right: the Serie C companies had organized themselves to participate and we consulted some lawyers to study the matter. It is the same logic of the Super League, if you want to continue on a system of a genre that has already failed … You can reform the Italian Cup, doing like Davide and Goliath. If there is Cesena-Juventus, in a single match, I look at it because there is an audience and there is a fairytale that maybe yes it could open. There were the last experiences in Alexandria and Pordenone, with full stadiums. I say this without controversy but I feel silences that I don’t like “. The new Coppa Italia was rejected in no uncertain terms by Cosimo Sibilia, president of the National Amateur League: “After days spent listening to speeches for greater consideration of grassroots football, here comes the exclusion of Serie D clubs from the next Italian Cup . It is the loss of perspective: in other countries, amateurs play against the big names, even on their own pitch, “Sibilia points out in a Twitter post. Renzo Ulivieri, president of Assoallenatori is also on the side of the clubs of the minor leagues: “I am very sorry that this happens at a time of difficulty for the whole football system”, says the Aiac number one to Adnkronos. “There would be a need for the Leagues to support each other. If this is not the case, the whole system loses”, highlights Ulivieri. Meanwhile, the controversy has already crossed the boundaries of football. “I read that they are deciding to play the next Italian Cup without Serie C teams. A serious mistake”, writes on Twitter the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta: “In the rest of Europe, the clubs of the lower leagues are valued. But wasn’t the lesson of the SuperLeague enough? “Asks Letta.