• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Flash Mob Asi at Calatrava’s sails, Barbaro ‘the greatest waste against Italian sport’


Oct 14, 2021

This morning a group of ASI managers and athletes, with the regional President Roberto Cipolletti, displayed two banners with the words ‘Rome and sport deserve respect’ on the fence of the Vele di Calatrava shipyard in Tor Vergata to protest against this waste infinite done to the detriment of Roman and national sport and to propose a solution to the future mayor of Rome. “With this event in a symbolic place of waste to the detriment of sport we want to denounce the lack of programming and finally the abandonment and indifference of local institutions”, declared Claudio Barbaro, senator of Fdi and President of Asi, Sports and Social Associations Italian. “The symbolic place is the Vele di Calatrava in the city of sport in Tor Vergata, the biggest waste of public money that a Capitoline administration has ever done in favor of sport and social activities. It was in fact Mayor Veltroni in 2005 who commissioned this work which was to be used for the 2009 World Swimming Championships, but which Alemanno actually inherited in 2008 without resources and without the time to complete it for the event for which it was intended. After Alemanno, who in any case completed the closure of the vault and included it among the works planned for Rome’s candidacy for the 2020 Olympics, no mayor has ever sought the resources (about 600 million plus the very high management costs) to complete the work, nor has the problem of an alternative destination been posed. “All this waste – said Barbaro – thanks only to the wrong and demagogic choices of a left-wing administration. The ASI proposes not to dismantle it as Calenda requested (an operation however expensive) but to immediately give it a new destination compatible with the available resources. By promoting a public competition of ideas for the completion of the works and the search for a commercial partner for the management of the structure. Surely it must not, for any reason, remain a monument to the failure of this city in the eyes of all those who come to visit it. “Also present at the Flash mob were the Roman leaders of Fratelli d’Italia Alessandro Cochi and Giorgio Ciardi and the representatives of the VI Municipality .