• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Milan, Maignan operated on the wrist: stop over 2 months


Oct 13, 2021

Milan have to give up on goalkeeper Mike Maignan for over 2 months after having been operated on his wrist. “Ac Milan announces that today, Mike Maignan underwent an arthroscopic examination which revealed the injury of a ligament in his left wrist which has been repaired”, the club announced from its website. “A percutaneous screw was also placed in the scaphoid for a vascular suffering. The operation, performed in the La Madonnina clinic, by Doctor Loris Pegoli in the presence of the Milan Healthcare Manager Stefano Mazzoni, was perfectly successful. Six weeks of immobilization followed. then we will proceed with the rehabilitation protocol. Maignan’s return to the field is expected in 10 weeks “.