• Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Juri Chechi at Giro-E, “Italy from the saddle is extraordinary and with e-bikes within everyone’s reach”


May 6, 2021

“I have always had a passion for cycling, and when my friend Max Lelli proposed that I join the team with Enit for the Giro-E, I immediately accepted”. Juri Chechi, ruler of the rings in the 90s, says this to Adnkronos and still today – you can see from the videos of his workouts on social media, invariably overcharged – in an almost superhuman form despite being class ’69. Chechi, in the 2021 edition of the amateur race organized along the same stages and the same dates as the Giro d’Italia but reduced and above all with pedal assisted bikes even if racing, will compete only in one stage, that of May 19 between Montalcino and Montepulciano. And he will race under the supervision of the competitive captain, the former cyclist Max Lelli who will also be the captain of the National Tourism Agency team for all 21 stages of the Giro in this edition. “It is mine and his land, and it is a beautiful sporting and cycling event – says Chechi-: the landscape seen from the seat is extraordinary, and with pedal assisted bikes within everyone’s reach: even if you struggle, at least you don’t have big thoughts about the climbs. A wonderful opportunity “. So much so that two years ago, he says, “I took a holiday in the Marche with my partner. I ride a bike as soon as I can, I like it above all for the aerobic training side. She didn’t, but it was with a pedal assisted bike. everything went fine”. Those who travel by bike know how important it is not to ruin a couple’s relationship up and down hills. “Frankly, I have never used an e-bike and I’m curious concludes Chechi-. I just hope not to get used to this electric ‘doping’. In all cases I will enjoy it, and I am pleased to be testimonial of Italian tourism: all this which leads to developing it also in a sustainable way is important “.