Champions, Juve-Chelsea 1-0: Chiesa extends the European champions

Juventus beat Chelsea 1-0 in the match valid for the second day of Group H of the Champions League and lead the group with 6 points. The bianconeri win the victory against the European champions thanks to Chiesa, who scored in the 46th minute. Allegri’s line-up takes a huge step towards the round of 16. Chelsea remain at 3 with Zenit Sanit Petersburg, who won 4-0 over Malmoe. THE MATCH Juve, without the injured Morata and Dybala, suffers at the start: the cautious attitude of the bianconeri leaves the ball to the English. Chelsea showed up in the 3 ‘with Kovacic, who did not cause problems for Szczesny from distance. At 7 ‘Lukaku tries, the Juventus goalkeeper makes up for it in two halves. The hosts come out of the shell at 20 ‘with the first effective restart. Chiesa devours the field on the right wing and shoots diagonally, touching the opposite post. Juve progressively regain meters: Allegri’s formation does not create much but harnesses the opponents, conceding little or nothing to the European champions. Chelsea dominate possession of the ball, but do not break through. The balance jumps in the start of shooting at the first action. Sponda di Rabiot, pocketed by Bernardeschi and Chiesa fulminates Mendy: a sharp blow under the crossbar, 1-0 in the 46th minute. Juve, ahead, can play ‘their’ game. Double wall in their own half and Chelsea forced to look for gaps that do not exist. The bianconeri risk getting hurt alone in the 53rd minute with Locatelli, who deflects towards his own goal in an attempt to interrupt an opposing plot: ball out of a meter. The hosts create a colossal chance in the 63rd minute. Rabiot opens for Cuadrado, a tower for Bernardeschi who cannot find the time for the conclusion from a few steps away. Chelsea poured forward and in the 83rd minute nearly equalized with Lukaku. The Belgian, canceled for the whole evening by Bonucci and DeLigt, finds the space to beat with his left: wide ball, Juve rejoices. It ends 1-0, Allegri enjoys 3 gold points.

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