• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Superlega, ‘Juve and Milan risk disqualification with Real and Barcelona’


May 5, 2021

Juventus, Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona risk exclusion from the European cups for 2 years. This is the sanction that UEFA could impose on clubs that have not yet formalized the farewell to the Super League. This was stated by the Espn network, referring to information provided by various sources. In the last 10 days, Uefa has had contact with the 12 companies that launched the project, which ended – at least for now – in just 48 hours. Uefa would have reached a substantial agreement with Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Inter, says Espn, is close to an agreement. Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Milan apparently would not have taken a step back.
According to Espn, Uefa could adopt sanctions based on article 51 of the statutes which prevents membership in bodies without the free go of the continental confederation. The clubs would instead rely on the documents drawn up at the beginning of the project with the request for “authorization” for the organization of the competition and for “recognition” by the international football authorities. they could collide with the preliminary ruling with which the Madrid court excludes, for Uefa and Fifa, the possibility of blocking the launch of the Super League. The same sources, reports Espn, specify that the Superlega project would be formally canceled by the resignation of 9 of the 12 founding clubs: at the moment, however, the reverse has only been completed by 8 companies.