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Breaking a 75-year silence


The war has just ended and Istria is administered by British troops. In Vergarolla, a famous beach in Pula crowded with participants, swimming competitions are held organized by the “Nautica Pietas Julia” association. Suddenly, an explosion. One hundred deaths throw an already tried community into mourning and despair. To commemorate this event, seventy-five years later, there are two initiatives that make a feeling of the Giuliano-Dalmatian Communities their own. A sporting event like the one that took place in Pula and a parliamentary question aimed at asking for a Commission of inquiry. This was said today during a round table organized by the Dalmatian National Association and the February 10 Committee, in collaboration with ASI and hosted by the Adnkronos site. A sporting event Ostia will be the protagonist of a sporting event very similar to the one that took place in Pula. “It is no coincidence that the sea of ​​the capital is chosen, where, moreover, the presence of the Giuliano-Dalmata community is stronger, to underline how this must be an event lived and shared at a national level. “And it is no coincidence that it is a sporting event both because many years ago sport was the scenario of that tragic moment and because we believe in the power of sport to convey messages”, explained Roberto Cipolletti, President of ASI Lazio and former organizer of the Corsa del Ricordo which takes place in Rome, right in the Giuliano-Dalmata district.

The parliamentary question: “To give justice to over 100 dead and 200 injured, including over a third of minors, it is necessary to shed definitive light on the incident and on the responsibilities of that tragic August 1946”: Sen. Claudio Barbaro, announced, during the round table, that, when the classroom activity resumes, he will exercise the prerogatives of the inspection mandate to urge the Government, 75 years after the massacre, also in order to set up a commission of inquiry and promote a definitive collection of evidence, documentation and testimonies capable of finally bringing out the truth. “A very important news for our community”, underlined Carla Cace, president of the Dalmatian National Association. “We have been waiting for justice for 75 years. We believe in the possibility of breaking through the veil of silence that has existed up to now ”. The round table Proposed by the Dalmatian National Association and the February 10 Committee, with the collaboration of ASI, Italian Sports and Social Associations and Adnkronos who decided to host the event, the round table was attended by Sen. Claudio Barbaro , the historian Maria Ballarin, the President of ASI Lazio Roberto Cipolletti, the exile and Olympic champion Abdon Pamich, Carla Isabella Elena Cace, President of the Dalmatian National Association, Alessandro Quadretti the director of the docufilm ‘The Last Beach’, that obviously di Vergarolla (in the docufilm historians and witnesses of that event were interviewed) and Giuseppe Berdini, a witness of the facts, then very young. Berdini lost both parents on that occasion. Pamich. My meeting with Tito. The Olympic champion Abdon Pamich recounted how, with the gold medal won at the European Championships in Belgrade, he had to meet Tito: “In that context I was sent by the Federation to Tito’s villa. An embarrassing moment for me. I was not pleased to see a man who had carried out such a policy against our people. The history of these events, for years, has been carried on only by a certain political side. But these were issues that should have interested all Italians. ”To listen to the round table again:


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