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‘The Divine Tail’. Baggio: ‘I would never have made a film of my choice, I was ashamed’


“What convinced me in a film about me? If today we are here in large part it is thanks to Vittorio (Petrone ed.), I thought but who cares about my life and my story … he convinced me. Me I would never have done it of my own choosing. When we talked about it I felt ashamed, then I got carried away and for what I have lived up to now it was worth it and I thank him “. Roberto Baggio said this on the occasion of the presentation of the film on Netflix, out on May 26, “Il Divin Codino” which follows the football career of the champion. “Without sacrifice you cannot go on despite the dream shattered by that disk, life always gives you possibilities and everyone builds them, this message is fundamental for young people, it is the lethal weapon with which I convinced them”, Petrone said. “For me ‘Il Divin Codino’ was a great experience. My wife and I tried to give as much support as possible, especially with regards to my life. I have been on the set several times and I was happy to get involved as much as possible. Then one day I brought the Ballon d’Or. I experienced very exciting moments, like seeing the scenes that reminded me of what my wife and I had lived “, added the former footballer who about his life and the many injuries , he explained: “when I approached an important result the last phase of the path became really difficult. It is a bit like my karma: every time I was about to reach something I wanted, I had to fight to get it. Then with Buddhism I have learned to accept this thing. Today I do it with greater serenity “. During the meeting Baggio also talked about the birth of the legendary pigtail:” The idea was born for fun. It happened during the World Cup in this hotel in America where there was a black waitress who had beautiful braids. I remember that day, talking to her to compliment her, she said to me: ‘Why don’t you give them to you too?’. And after two hours he was there to give them to me. Obviously, I couldn’t keep the braids free during matches and so I came up with the idea of ​​tying them with a pigtail. “The former number 10 then talks about the relationship with his father and the teaching that the film can give to young people. . “My father has always been rigid he had almost become an enemy, at that age I didn’t understand, but it was the basis for never giving up. I feel great gratitude to my father and I hope this very message can come: sometimes we don’t understand our parents’ love and protection. We often quarrel and they almost become enemies, but over time the knots melt away “.



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