NewsSportsDazn, Agcom on Serie A problems: "Possible urgent interventions"

Dazn, Agcom on Serie A problems: “Possible urgent interventions”


The Agcom Board, in today’s meeting, dealt with the issue of broadcasting the matches of the Serie A 2021-22 football championship on the Dazn platform. This was announced by the Authority itself, explaining that “the constant monitoring of the entire affair continues, which can represent – underlines a note – an important driving force for the digitization of the entire country”. Read also To date, two technical meetings have been held with Dazn and all the operators, which will be followed by another on the 30th, after the second day of the championship, the note recalls. “The issues of the quality of the service offered to subscribers, the increase in information and the protection of individual consumers, and the equal opportunity of all operators to be able to distribute streaming of the matches at the same quality and speed conditions. Agcom reserves the right to intervene with appropriate measures, including urgent ones, if necessary “underlines the press release. operators to the need to avoid, when football matches are being broadcast, an overload of the network, such as to block or in any case slow down the traffic of data by the generality of users, even compromising the performance of essential services. ” of that act of address, Dazn has created a series of infrastructures which to date have contributed to avoiding congestion d on the Net “, underlines the Agcom. “With this, however, the platform has accepted the Authority’s address and supervision”, he concludes. Adiconsum writes to Parliament, Agcom, Lega and Dazn “Many reports from Dazn subscribers on inefficiencies that have occurred since the first day of the championship of Serie A. Adiconsum wants to give a voice to these citizens-consumers and for this reason it has sent a letter to the President of the Senate, Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, to the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, to the President of the Authority for Guarantees in Communications, Giacomo Lasorella, to the President of the Serie A Football League, Paolo Dal Pino, to the CEO of Dazn, James Rushton “. In the light of the critical issues suffered by subscribers, Adiconsum asks “Parliament to legislate to avoid the problems that emerged with Dazn, also inserting the OTTs under the control of the Authority for Guarantees in Communications (Agcom) and obliging technological neutrality with transmission on all platforms; the Lega Calcio to immediately review the assignment of broadcasting rights, also guaranteeing the television broadcast that we recall is considered by our system as universal service, while the internet is not, assigning, to for example, the rights to companies able to guarantee it. For bars, restaurants and hotels this procedure is already in place, causing strong discrimination against consumers; Agcom and Agcm to make sure that Dazn enters into an agreement with an operator that broadcasts the championship on a television platform, thus giving back to the consumer the right to choose his platform transmissive “. In addition, the association asks Dazn” to open a constructive table with the Consumer Associations to define a shared Service Charter which also provides for complaints / refunds / compensation procedures for inefficiencies including those in progress, through joint conciliation with Consumer Associations; provide transparent information on the quality of the services offered “.


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