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Reopening of indoor pools July 1, sport protest: “Ridiculous”


On the reopening of the indoor pools on July 1st, the protest of the world of sport is ignited. For the Europeans in Budapest, the awareness raising event promoted by Federnuoto and its athletes continues that with the hashtag #salviamolepiscine has gathered the entire aquatic universe on social media, made up of over 5 million practitioners of all ages and abilities and their families, managers, technicians and all pool operators. On this point, the president of Fin, Paolo Barelli spoke today to the microphones of Rainews 24: “July 1st is a ridiculous date, we will be in the height of summer and users will certainly not go to the indoor pools – Barelli thundered -. It is hallucinating. The pools are among the healthiest environments that can be found; there are about a thousand indoor swimming facilities that employ hundreds of thousands of people. I am not referring only to the great competitive spirit, represented by Paltrinieri, Pellegrini and our champions , but to the millions of citizens who have learned to swim and, when necessary, also saved their lives and that of others in the sea or in the bodies of water that characterize our peninsular country “. “By respecting all the prescriptions, in complete safety, with an adequate number of people, with distances, with the chlorine contained in the swimming pools, there is no possibility of life for the virus – remarked the number one in Italian swimming -. public transport and meeting places are more dangerous and therefore it is not possible to understand the logic of this decision which appears to all users to be a real persecution. We are really very angry. Deferring the reopening of gyms and swimming pools also appears ridiculous because they are often integrated systems. It is incomprehensible that in restaurants, cinemas, theaters, gyms it is possible to go on a contingent basis and in indoor pools no. Giving this image of the pools, as if they were places frequented by greasers, does not honor our scientists who in hours and hours of monologues do not explain the reasons for this abstruse choice not supported by data. In all cases, if this is the decision imposed by the other who comes were given real contributions, real, and not alms to sports clubs and facility managers who will close their businesses and go bankrupt “. Coni president Giovanni Malagò also lined up with Barelli and the world of swimming pools: “They are absolutely right” to complain, said the head of Italian sport. “President Barelli did very well, maybe the terminology is questionable but the substance is absolutely flawless. I really appreciated the stance of the athletes. I hope and think that if nothing can be done on the Dpcm, it is not within my competence, at least in the the famous refreshment points arrive as soon as possible, which must be fair due to the considerable losses suffered by the managers of the facilities “. Claudio Barbaro, senator of Fdi and president of Asi (Italian Sports and Social Associations) is on the same line of thought. “Sport has suffered yet another mockery, as it had happened in previous measures, with restarts in fits and starts and with the chances of returning to full capacity significantly lower than the necessary needs of the world of sport. And with further critical issues, just think to the indoor swimming pools, whose reopening has been postponed to July 1st and which marks a further and unequivocal step backwards “, Barbaro told Adnkronos.” Something is wrong – he added – there is no control room that gives 360 answers degrees of obvious and latent intolerance for what concerns the world of sport. A world that does not find positive outlets. Not to mention the refreshments, much lower than the damage suffered. Other than a restart, the picture is totally negative, if not actually There is also no scientific evidence with respect to the CTS studies of an alleged and feared danger in the world of sport. As for swimming pools, chlorine would inactivate the Coronavirus in just 30 seconds. In all this we ask ourselves the reason for this deafening silence on the part of the sports institutions that are not helping the needs of the sporting world “.



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