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Dazn, parliamentary question after problems


Dazn, after the problems reported by users today comes the announcement of a parliamentary question. “The inefficiencies of Dazn on the first day of football are very serious. For this reason, in the next few days, I will present a question to the Chamber to ask for an intervention from the government”, declares today the deputy Luca Pastorino, presidential secretary of the Chamber for Leu , after the problems that characterized the vision on Dazn of the matches of the first day of Serie A. “Millions of people have to deal with the need to equip themselves with a special decoder to be able to see the matches of the Serie A championship. if that’s not enough, those who are not equipped with fiber for the connection are likely to attend competitions that go intermittently, at best, given that in some cases there have been prolonged blocks. User reports do not require further comments “, he says. . “Moreover – adds Pastorino – this season has rightly begun with the limitation of stadium capacity due to the Covid pandemic. Inevitably, the television offer a for football becomes even more important. Subscribers must be able to take advantage of a service worthy of the costs and importance of the championship. Politics cannot dismiss the affair as a secondary issue. For this reason a government response is needed “.


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