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L’Eroica, at the 25th edition, boom of foreigners, almost 40% of the 9,000 subscribers


Exceptional edition for L’Eroica, the classic amateur race largely on the white roads of Chianti and Val d’Orcia dedicated to vintage bikes, those produced up to 1987, in steel and with tubulars cross and delight of cyclists of all times. The grueling race (the classic route is 209 km) has reached its twenty-fifth edition, skipping a year for Covid, since 1997 in which 92 madmen led by the founder, Giancarlo Brocci, inaugurated the route starting before dawn: and it is a new boom in subscribers, with over 9,000 in sight. It runs on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October from Gaiole in Chianti. But the real novelty is the share of foreigners registered, which is close to 40% of the total while usually approaching a third of vintage cyclists. The bulk comes from Germany, present with just under 1200 members. By number, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France follow. Among the most distant: 130 cyclists from the United States, 34 from Australia and 30 from Canada. And, for the first time, L’Eroica conquers direct Rai, which on Sunday 2 October from Gaiole in Chianti will broadcast the images live starting at 9.00 on Rai3 and from 9.40 on Raisport. Canale 3, the main reference point for the province of Siena and a large part of Tuscany, will also ensure extensive television coverage. However, the creator of the competition, Brocci, is not surprised about the boom of participants: “really, they are only those 92 of ’97 multiplied by 100. In the sense that the deep soul of L’Eroica has not changed, it has come a long way. remaining herself, involving by sharing values. More and more people have been attracted to this occasion in which the passion for a great sport is combined with the production of joy and friendship, attention to the territory, respect for others, sharing of emotions “. A success born in Chianti and not by chance:” it is a unique context where, in addition to the network of beautifully preserved secondary roads, including white ones, a social fabric of great depth persists, a heritage of volunteering, a predisposition to welcome, solidarity and integration which were the primary resources of peasant identity, a love for what we are and for what has been given to us by our elders “. The format was then exported to almost all continents: “I believe that the idea of ​​Eroica, above all, represented the truly global need to regain possession of the deep soul of a sport, especially a great sport like cycling. By now the perception is consolidated everywhere that every element leads to the production of shows as a function of an increasingly elephantine and exasperated business, powered by large sponsors “.



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