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Volleyball, Mazzanti charges the blue: ‘We know who we are and where we want to arrive’


Women’s Italvolley warms up for the start of the World Cup and takes the field tomorrow in Arnhem (Holland, 3 pm) against Cameroon. The blues – included in Pool A with Cameroonian, Dutch, Kenyan, Belgian and Puerto Rican – present themselves with the chevrons of European champions and Nations League winners, just as in Italy the volley of volleyball is still blowing strong for the triumph of the sextet by Fefè De Giorgi at the Polish World Cup. “We do not allow ourselves to be influenced by the expectations around us, we know who we are and where we want to arrive, especially after having worked so hard for a different approach to the matches” explains Italy’s coach, Davide Mazzanti. “Now we only think about our aspects of the game. The group has been expressing itself at high levels for some time, it has reached an excellent level of maturity, it has taken a step forward but there is still a long way to go. We must be hungry to steal something from others “. sports field Mazzanti is one of the pioneers in the use of numbers for the preparation of matches. The goal is to individualize the talent of the champions thanks to big data which, capable of managing an above-average amount of data, analyze the trends of the team and the opponents. “The algorithms provide the basis for improving aspects of the game and have helped us to distribute our attacking phase differently, because the opponents prepare special plans for blocking and defending to contain Paola Egonu’s strength”, explains the Italvolley coach. “However, I have learned to trust my feelings more during matches. Quick thoughts are needed: if you think too much you will then lose the timing, the time to intervene. “The Italians restart from the silver world champion four years ago. The opponents for the world title are Serbia, China, United States, Poland. for a medal to then focus on the 2024 Paris Olympics. Failure to enter the medals area in Tokyo 2020 is a sort of Rubik’s cube for coach and players. As already happened for De Giorgi’s men’s selection, behind Egonu, Orro and Sylla is ready for the change: a handful of under 22 who are just waiting to take the elevator and arrive in the blue. “The base of Italian volleyball is excellent”, Mazzanti observes. “I noticed how our athletes do a qualitative leap in advance, already at 18-19 they are able to compete with the best. Sure, there is the other side of the moon. Being physically ready does not mean being able to withstand the media pressure and everything that revolves around athletes, including the use of social networks “.



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