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Piccinini-Di Canio, dispute over Mourinho live on TV


Litigation on TV between Paolo Di Canio and Sandro Piccinini on José Mourinho. The clash took place in the Sky Sport studios, when Piccinini took the defense of the new Roma coach. “I understand that it is not good for anyone to go against Mourinho, but to say that he is doing well is madness”, Di Canio pressed him, recalling the last flops of the Special One in the Premier League. “Tuchel is now the best coach around and was sacked in December, so what is a loser?” Was Piccinini’s reply. From here, the tones have risen. “What was he sacked for, for non-idyllic relations with the group? I understand that it is very difficult for you to understand,” said the former player. “No, it is you who did not understand and falsify reality, I’m telling you that it is an advantage now for him to have come out badly because he took a bath of humility – replied the journalist -. I’m telling you that he was not thrown out for ignominy, because he brought something home to Chelsea and Manchester. ” But Di Canio has increased the dose: “I understand that the likes are easy. Maybe you have difficulty understanding why you have not lived in the changing rooms.” “But I don’t care about likes. I have known more coaches than you probably, not as a player but from experience. If only for reasons of age”, Piccinini pointed out. The discussion in the studio was interrupted only with the intervention of Fabio Caressa: “Enough, thanks, otherwise it becomes a two-way thing”. Piccinini then went back to the question and answer with Di Canio on Twitter, trying to close the question: “About Di Canio: I was sorry that he did not respect my point of view and that he spoke out of likes and acquaintances . Having said that, I’ve known him for 20 years and these are things that can happen ‘in the game’, at 90 ‘everything ends … “.



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