• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Mourinho-Roma, the ‘Daje’ of the English journalist goes viral


May 5, 2021

José Mourinho at Rome feeds the dreams of the Giallorossi people, but also the curiosity of the English press that questions the “daje” with which he presented himself. The Special One, in fact, was immediately seduced by the Roman dialect and on social media he wrote “daje Roma” to express his enthusiasm at the beginning of the new adventure as a Giallorossi coach. The news of his engagement went around the world also due to the surprise effect. And commenting on the news, the English journalist of Sky Sports Uk wondered about the meaning of the word ‘Daje’, giving a few smiles for its decidedly un-Roman pronunciation, halfway between “dege” and “deigia”. “It must be something similar to I can’t wait to get started,” suggested his fellow journalist, returning to the sporting aspect of the Roma announcement. “This is fantastic news.” At SkySports they try to understand the meaning of “Daje Roma”.
I’m dying 😂 # Mourinho pic.twitter.com/tUwWVdru8A— CIssaG (@Cacace_Marco) May 4, 2021