Cassioli: “Who is responsible for compensating for the lost dignity of disabled children on Easter Monday?”

“I still find it difficult to metabolize the misadventure that happened to the Haccade guys in Italy in 2022. Let’s say that on the trains you see all the colors and even if my eyes are able to grasp certain nuances we are not faced with an encouraging situation “. This was stated by Daniele Cassioli, blind since birth, he is the world champion in water skiing who has won 25 world titles, 25 European titles, 41 Italians and a World Record, and honorary president of Piramis Onlus at Adnkronos, on what happened on Easter Monday in the Genoa station, when a group of disabled people with a regular ticket was unable to get seats on a regional train (and was then transferred by bus to Milan from Trenitalia). “Having said that, I am a regular traveler and I find in high speeds a really excellent assistance service. I read that the boys were forced to get off a fast regional and this is where the dismay arises. I seem to see a situation similar to that of the stadiums where in curves almost anything can happen while in other sectors of the systems a decent dignity is guaranteed to the customer. more fragile. Let’s swallow the attitude of the bullies and for decent people or people with disabilities do we choose an alternative, clearly uncomfortable? in companies to underline the importance of a fair world and then the state and, in this case, the railways are not able to guarantee it? vataggi in corner kick is then represented by: “make a complaint, full refunds of tickets are provided”. Who is in charge of rewarding lost dignity? As an ordinary citizen then, regardless of my disability, it is disturbing to think that a multitude of uneducated people, more easily attributable to a bunch of uncivilized, can take possession of a means of public transport with the services of order that are not in the conditions to be able to lift a finger and guarantee sacrosanct respect for the rules. Go and figure out who the disabled were here “, concluded the water skiing champion.