• Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

European Swimming, bis Paltrinieri: gold also in the 10 km


May 13, 2021

Unstoppable Gregorio Paltrinieri, who after winning the gold medal yesterday in the 5 km European swimming championships in Budapest today made an encore by winning the 10 km, a distance that is also an Olympic test. The blue preceded the French Marc-Antoine Olivier and the German Florian Wellbrock. Paltrinieri dominates the European 10 km on Lake Lupa in Budapest with intelligence and evident superiority. The 26-year-old champion from Carpi wins alone in 1h51’30 “6, ahead of the 24-year-old Frenchman Marc-Antoine Olivier by 11” 1 – world silver 2019, Olympic bronze and already yesterday behind the blue in the 5 km – and by 11 “4 23-year-old German Florian Wellbrock, world champion of distance and 1500. One second from the podium, 29-year-old Dutch Olympian Ferry Weertman, world champion at Balaton in 2017 and silver in Kazan in 2015, and author of the European hat-trick in Berlin in 2014, Hoorn in 2016 and Loch Lomond in 2018. Italy had never won the gold medal in the 10 kilometers at the Europeans. So far the most prestigious results had been the silvers of Massimiliano Parla in Madrid 2004 and Valerio Cleri at Balaton in 2010 and the bronzes by Luca Baldini in Berlin in 2002 and Nicola Bolzonello in Piombino in 2012 Sixth Mario Sanzullo (Fiamme Oro / CC Napoli) in 1h51’46 “4. “The sixth place at a European of this level is a very satisfying result. It was a stage of passage towards the preparation path aimed at the Olympics – underlines the 28 year old from Massa di Somma, coached by Emanuele Sacchi, qualified for the Games thanks to ninth at the world championships in Gwangju – I’m always trying to grasp the positive aspect of every performance and learn from experiences. I’m satisfied with how my approach to Tokyo is progressing “, concludes the Neapolitan in the fourth European of his career and best result ever on the distance. Ninth Domenico Acerenza (Fiamme Oro / CC Napoli) in 1h51’55 “9.” It was a hard-fought race from the very first meters – declares the 26-year-old from Potenza coached by Antonelli and silver champion in the 5 km relay of Gwangju where he finished fifth in the individual 5 km – I found myself bottled up many times. I tried to get out of it without success. At 8000 meters I also thought of retiring because I didn’t have any more. I also received some incorrect hits. Therefore I am happy to have completed the test “. PALTRINIERI -” Mamma mia, che garona. I tried to swim the first two laps in total savings because I was very tired, then I started to climb with an increasingly intense progression. It was a beautiful race, in the last 100 meters I saw the stars. There was all the strongest. It was a good test and I won with a really impressive lead. I thought they were closer to me, so I shot until the end “says Paltrinieri.” I preferred to attack earlier than yesterday and it went well. If they had told me on the eve that I would have won two medals, I would have signed with blood. Two golds have arrived, the relay is missing where I will try to give my best. I am very happy “, continues the Olympic champion.” These results are thanks to the whole team, to the harmony that exists “, concludes the Olympic, bi-world and tri-European champion of the 1500s, as well as international multi-medaled, on Wednesday at the first individual gold in the 5 km of Lupa Lake after the silver won in the relay race at the world championships in Gwangju “.