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Europeans, Caprarica: “Fair play? The only Englishman at Wembley was Roberto Mancini”


“The only Englishman at Wembely was Roberto Mancini. I am very sorry because, being a person who notoriously loves England as a second home, I am sorry for the final behavior of the English players. it is a grave offense to the history and customs of England “. So to Adnkronos Antonio Caprarica who, in the aftermath of Italy’s victory at Wembley which earned her the title of European champion, comments on the controversy that rages over the reaction of the English players. “Football was born as a game for gentlemen played by peasants, and unfortunately sometimes certain matches confirm this snobbish judgment – analyzes the journalist and writer, for a long time RAI correspondent from London – Because as long as they were on the field I have to say I found them correct, there was also an embrace between the two captains, but then there was a really serious reaction “. Caprarica analyzes the behavior of the English national team from a sociological point of view: “Unfortunately we live in a difficult time, in which the horrors and ungrammaticals of existence immediately translate into offensive behavior”, he explains. “Just think – he adds – of the via crucis of insults and racist comments that are investing the three black guys who missed the penalties. So not only a lack of fair play towards the opponents, but even a lack of fairness towards the players of their team , guys who gave their best in these eight games, they brought England to play the final and now you dump them and treat them as if they were waste? It is unacceptable “.” journalist – this failure to a history and a tradition that are part of the deepest culture of this country “. And he adds a ‘political’ remark: “I noticed how Prince William complimented the Azzurri, so at least someone at Buckingham Palace remembers the rules of fair play, which British nationalist leader Boris Johnson failed to do. . He was the first to demonstrate lack of fair play “, concludes Caprarica.



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