NewsSportsPietrangeli: "Berrettini can become number 1 in a year"

Pietrangeli: “Berrettini can become number 1 in a year”


“Berrettini played well, we must not forget that he played against the number one in the world, he played it almost evenly. He was very good, perfect behavior, you can only say he was good, and if he continues like this in a year’s time. we find ourselves number one in the world “. Nicola Pietrangeli comments so hotly with Adnkronos on the Wimbledon final that saw world number one Novak Djokovic clash against the Roman tennis player Matteo Berrettini. The Serbian champion beat the blue in 4 sets. “Now Berrettini has to be careful because they will all want to beat him, like the best gunslinger in the west, whom everyone wants to kill – jokes Pietrangeli – Attention, he is no longer the same Berrettini as last year, now he is a ‘Berrettinone'”. Analyzing the game from a technical point of view, the former Italian champion observes: “The serve can’t be better than that, they are two shots from the world number one – he says -. Maybe he should improve the backhand a little, and if he improves this becomes number one in the world. I tell you, guys: give it a year and then we’ll see, then it will be painful for everyone “. Difficult to compare the game of the 25-year-old from Rome to that of a great man of the past:” it’s nobody who played like that. These are all boxing heavyweights who give each other big punches, and at some point one hurts the other more, “he explains. Pietrangeli, until today, was the Italian tennis player with the best results at Wimbledon: in the eighteen participations he reached the semifinal in 1960, when he was defeated by Rod Laver in 5 sets. “I only say one thing: if they succeeded after 61 years , maybe it wasn’t that easy “, he concludes.



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