Euro 2020, the appeal: cheer in safety, mask and distance

“The 2021 European football championships are about to end”. On Sunday there will be the Italy-England final. “Enjoy the show, but do it safely”, urges WHO Europe via Twitter, remembering in particular to “wear a mask”, to “keep the distance” and “avoid crowded situations”. In addition to this, carefully evaluate the risks to which you are exposed and take care of hand hygiene. Cheering yes, but in safety, therefore recommends the European Regional Office of the World Health Organization: “We all need SummerSense”, warns the WHO, relaunching the hashtag that invites you to live a summer in safety. HOPE An appeal shared by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza. “We support Italy but be careful: the mask must be used in every situation, even outdoors, where there is the risk of gatherings and not keeping at least one meter away”, he says in ‘La Repubblica’. Even according to immunologist Mauro Minelli, responsible for the South of the Italian Foundation for Personalized Medicine, “uncontrolled gatherings should be avoided, because the Covid-19 danger has not exactly and completely escaped, on the contrary”. “Nobody can and must prevent the social sharing of sporting joy, which is spontaneous and unstoppable. However, uncontrolled gatherings should be avoided, because the Covid-19 danger is not exactly and completely escaped, on the contrary. The doctor’s suggestion is to wear the protective mask when you are in confined spaces with a large number of people. It is one thing to walk on the side of the road waving a flag with your family, another thing is the carousels in crowded cars or the jumps in the square side by side or cheerfully hugging strangers , as often happens “, the expert suggests.” We are faced with one of those decisions that are not easy to manage, because humanly not governable by a single reasoning – observes Minelli at Adnkronos Salute – Rejoicing for a result that in Italy missing for almost half a century has been a mood, as well as highly hopeful, certainly understandable and shared I believe by all. without getting too caught up in worries that might appear out of place, but only in the perspective of the prudence that we have always suggested, in the favorable hypothesis of a success for the Italian national team, the celebrations in our cities cannot fail to be measured to the needs of times we live in “.

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