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He goes to the gym and meets Magic Johnson


He goes to the gym and meets Magic Johnson. The dream of every basketball fan and in particular of the NBA has come true for an amateur basketball player, who has had a close encounter with the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers. Luca Fiumene, 35, told his memorable adventure on the Facebook page Overtime – Storie a segments. “Hi Overtime, my name is Luca Flumene, I am 35 years old and since yesterday I am the happiest person in the world”, begins the boy. As practically every summer, Magic Johnson makes a stop in Italy, moving between the most evocative places: from Capri, to Sorrento, to Porto Cervo. And it was in Sardinia that the ‘face to face’ with Luca took place, an amateur basketball player who, after a knee injury and forced stop for covid, trains waiting to return to the field. “A few days ago I saw that Magic was in Porto Cervo and I wanted so much to meet him. I went to the gym before going to work, as I usually do 1-2 times a week in the summer. Once inside I was going to faint: there it was him, Magic, on the right, who was doing leg exercises! I tried not to faint with emotion, I passed him, I immediately recognized him but I tried to pretend nothing happened even though my expression spoke better than any another thing “, he says. “I went on an exercise bike normally, to warm up. Magic, in the meantime, had approached exactly where I was! The people at the gym had proposed him to do exercises in a more private place but he refused:” I like being among the people when I train, among people, without isolating myself. “As soon as I heard that sentence I got up and went towards him.” Magic? ” – YES? – “Earvin Johnson?” – YES, IT’S ME! ​​”, The dialogue between star and admirer-” I’m Luca, a huge fan of yours, I’ve been following you since I was little! The first tape they gave me was “always showtime” in the 90s, all dedicated to you! “We started chatting, I told him about my injury and why I was there, he was very kind. At that point I found the courage and asked him to take a picture and he obviously gave me said yes “, continues Luca. At this point, the surprise:” I took the phone to give it to his personal trainer who would take it. When he saw my wallpaper once the phone was unlocked, Magic went crazy: “No , I don’t believe it, but what is your name? You are great, you are great! Please take a selfie with me and with this wallpaper of your mobile in sight! ” Once the photo was taken we said goodbye, he hugged me warmly and said: “You’ll see that tonight I’ll post about you! You keep training hard, don’t give up your workouts for any reason! “. When I got home, after work, it was late at night. Before going to sleep I went to Instagram to see what Magic had posted, and in fact he had published his own the photo of the gym where we trained. Except that I was not there. I thought he simply forgot, but little changed. I was as happy as that child once I saw that tape! “, continues the post.” After 20 minutes though I get another notification, it was another post from him. There was a photo with me! With my name! A post by Magic Johnson, my idol, dedicated to me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter “. Result: “It was the best day of my life”.



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