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London Italy Director: “Tonight at Wembley we will all be ambassadors, with honor we will cheer for those who cannot be here”


” Honor ” and ” responsibility ”. These are the feelings that the Italians feel in London tonight who will pass through the doors of the Wembley stadium to attend the semifinal of the European Championships between Italy and Spain. Among them also Francesco Ragni, director and founder of the online newspaper ‘Londra, Italia’, since 2014 a reference publication for the Italian community in the British capital. ” For one evening, at Wembley, we will all be Ambassadors of Italy ” he tells Adnkronos while his cell phone is ” flooded with messages from friends in Italy who ask me to cheer on them too ” and so ” we Italians at Wembley will speak up. I don’t know how many there will be, but certainly much more than the Spaniards ”. An ” honor ”, therefore, to be able to attend the match, also thanks to the ” 6,400 tickets made available at a low price exclusively for the Italians who live here ” and which has allowed ” many of us a greater ease to access this event ”. But also ” a sense of responsibility for the fact of being here to cheer the national team even for those who could not arrive from Italy due to the constraints of the quarantine ” imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. ” It is a particularly match. felt ” and it is ” a continuous exchange of messages via Whatsapp or through Facebook groups to ask if you have a ticket, to organize to meet ”, continued Ragni, convinced that ” this evening will be beautiful ”. Sicilian by birth and in London since 2009, Ragni also went to witness live the match between Italy and Austria. ” The difference is that for Italy-Austria the capacity was 20 thousand and therefore the stadium was not very full. On the other hand, for Italy-Spain the capacity will be increased to 60 thousand spectators out of about 85 thousand seats, so the stadium will be three quarters full ”. opportunity to feel again a link with Italy left by choice, by necessity ” and also ” to bring the children of Italians born here closer to their origins ”, explains Ragni. Also because at this moment, ” between Covid and Brexit, the distance with Italy has greatly increased, one feels much more than before ” since the connections with our country ” are much more complicated ”.



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