• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Cozzoli: ‘Country wants sport, let’s all start again’


May 11, 2021

“The country wants sport and we have the duty to interpret this question but we must do it all together with a sense of responsibility and service”. This is what underlines the president and CEO of ‘Sport e Salute’, Vito Cozzoli, at the end of the digital event ‘Sport at the center of the restart of the country-Hypothesis and perspectives for a cultural revolution’ promoted by Asi, Sports Associations and Sociali Italiane, in collaboration with Adnkronos Comunicazione and Ciwas, the Italian Confederation of Wellness and Sports Activities for Health. “It was a very fruitful and important day, we heard the voices of almost all the players in the sports system. Each of us has different recipes and projects to carry out but all united by the idea of ​​putting ourselves at the service of sport and working on more together in a sector that has frightening growth margins, these margins concern every area starting from school “, continues n.1 of ‘Sport and Health’.” Then there is the theme of promoting grassroots sport and on this ‘Sport and health’ wants to support sports organizations so that they are increasingly driving forces for the development of sport. In recent weeks we have launched calls for social inclusion and we are registering a great success. Then there are calls on the infrastructure of the sports system . Then there is the question of outdoor sports. All this is not enough, a massive intervention must be made on the school starting from the next school year. are with others, we have to catch up. We are a part of the system, we want to work with everyone. The action of sport is multi-level, each of us is part of a mosaic, it works if the others work too “, concludes Cozzoli.