• Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Sport, Di Rocco: ‘It is essential to restart the school, the bike today is a lifestyle’


May 11, 2021

“The bike today is a mobility tool, but there are no infrastructures in terms of safety and a culture of development of sporting activity. At this point it is essential to start from school”. This was stated by Renato Di Rocco, Uci vice president and candidate for the presidency of Coni, on the occasion of the digital event “Sport at the center of the country’s restart – Hypotheses and perspectives for a cultural revolution” promoted by Asi, Italian Sports and Social Associations, in collaboration with Adnkronos Comunicazione and Ciwas. “The bike has become a lifestyle – continued Di Rocco – the only sector together with logistics that has not been affected by the situation. We in cycling have reacted as citizens first, and then as operators, also thanks to the emotion that the cycling and sport bring with them “. According to Di Rocco “there was a lack of synergy, we in cycling had to give everything ourselves, gaining the trust of the Technical Scientific Committee with the facts”. On his candidacy for the presidency of Coni, Di Rocco added: “I wanted to try to put at the center arguments that must be at the center, because there are necessary reforms to sport that must be adapted with a correct implementation plan. Thanks to the pandemic we have the reference numbers indicating where to intervene “.