• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Sport, Molea: ‘Inattentive politics, we need a 360-degree turn to give oxygen to society’


May 11, 2021

“We need a 360-degree turn and set sails on a new wind that is able to give oxygen to the companies. The two billion necessary resources referred to are a share that compared to total funding is minimal for the survival of the world of sport “. This is what Bruno Molea, president of Aics says, during his speech at the digital event ‘Sport at the center of the restart of the country-Hypothesis and perspectives for a cultural revolution’ promoted by ASI, Italian Sports and Social Associations, in collaboration with Adnkronos Communication and Ciwas, Italian Confederation of Wellness and Sports Activities for Health. “There has been a great lack of attention on the part of politics towards what sporting practice really is in this country. There has been superficiality: on the one hand, the great effort of sport is supported in the sense of cohesion and economic driving force, on the other hand, in the Covid period it showed little incisiveness: I listed 1 million 260 thousand members, in one year the membership base was reduced by 30% “, continues No.1 of the Aics.” The great attention that we would have was not given expect, the allocation of 1 billion euros of which 700 go to gyms to renovate them, leaves only 300 million to grassroots sports clubs: nothing compared to the 14 million practitioners within the companies, a drop in the desert. We need to create strategic political conditions different, with a new systemic panorama that can promote sport in the right direction by removing the incongruities that exist today. This is the only way out “, he concludes.