• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Mornati: ‘We need money, the government does not treat it as series C’


May 11, 2021

“Covid has given a terrible blow to the world of sport: teams that have stopped for two competitive seasons, gymnastics that don’t work, swimming pools and bites have actually destroyed a generation. We need money”. This was stated by the general secretary of Coni, Carlo Mornati, who spoke at “Sport at the center of the country’s restart – Hypotheses and perspectives for a cultural revolution”, a webinar promoted by Asi Italian Sports and Social Associations in collaboration with Adnkronos Comunicazione and Ciwas, and broadcast live on the Adnkronos website. “From a sporting point of view – says Mornati – the situation is dramatic, from that of sociality it must be said that sport does not exist at school: the problem is at the legislative level. When Cozzoli says it must be a right, I say which must also be an obligation, and sociality would be the direct consequence “. The sector “puts a billion and a half in tax contributions: talking about two billion is talking about nothing, it means that the government puts sport in the C series. We need to give a breath of fresh air, and then we can talk about the book of dreams otherwise we are really dead. The government – concludes Mornati – must commit itself personally as it is doing on many other tables, sport is fully part of one of the strategic sectors “.