Denmark beats the Czech Republic 2-1 and flies to the semifinals at Euro 2020

Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 in the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 and qualify for the semifinals. In Baku, the Danish selection prevails with goals from Delaney (5 ‘) and Dolberg (42’). Schick’s goal was useless for the Czechs and halved the distance in the 49th minute. Denmark broke the deadlock in the 5 ‘, on a corner awarded by the linesman amid protests from the Czech Republic. Delaney is free to gore in the center of the area and crush the ball which becomes impregnable for Vaclik: 1-0. The Czechs have the best chance to equalize in the 22nd minute, after a mistake by Schmeichel in disengagement. Holes appears in front of the Danish goalkeeper, who remedies and deflects for a corner. The accelerations of Denmark are always dangerous and yet another verticalization, at 42 ‘, produces the doubling. Vestergaard triggers Maehle, who hits a right wing cross. Braithwaite misses the appointment with the tap-in at the near post, but there is Dolberg: a hit on the fly, the ball in the net and 2-0. The Czech Republic reopened the match at the opening of the second half with Schick’s fifth goal of the tournament. The center forward in the 49th minute was able to put the plate on Coufal’s cross: ball at the edge of the pole, 2-1. The game ignites, the Czechs are looking for a comeback but are struggling to find openings. Denmark starts with overwhelming gusts and creates at least a couple of chances to drop the three of a kind. The safety goal does not arrive, Schmeichel’s bunker holds: Denmark in the semifinals, appointment on July 7 at Wembley against Ukraine or England.

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