NewsSportsBarelli: 'Dramatic situation, 2 billion are needed per system'

Barelli: ‘Dramatic situation, 2 billion are needed per system’


“If 2 billion euros are not made available to the sports system, I mean associations, sports activities and for those who manage the facilities, we will count the damage in social and then competitive terms”. This is the alarm raised by the president of Federnuoto, Paolo Barelli, during his speech at the digital event ‘Sport at the center of the country’s restart – Hypothesis and perspectives for a cultural revolution’ promoted by ASI, Italian Sports and Social Associations, in collaboration with Adnkronos Comunicazione and Ciwas, the Italian Confederation of Wellness and Sports Activities for Health. “We have reached a dramatic point, as a sport we think positively but we are at the fruit. The reality is dramatic, sport in Italy is not based on solid state structures, on pandemic-proof architecture, but is based solely on network of sports clubs that are in bad shape, these are very fragile entities – continues Barelli-. The very fact that they are not subject to profit, which aim at profit, makes them already weak. budget is the goal and within it there are a series of incompressible costs especially for the many companies that have rented, conceded, or have taken out mortgages to manage the facilities “.” When associations fail, sport does not Nobody can do it. The municipalities have no resources for sports policies. There is a real problem: the refreshments or support that have been given have disappointed everyone, I think that in the sports field there has been an underestimation misallocated resource, contrived on previous year’s commercial revenue. The associations have no commercial income, the rest are institutional revenues coded in a different way and are not listed by the Revenue Agency: the mockery in the drama. On this we must intervene and the sports associations all together must do so “, he concludes.

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