Immobile ‘resurrects’ after the goal: the miracle on Twitter

Ciro Immobile star of Twitter (so to speak) after Italy-Belgium. The ‘show’ of the blue striker, in the action of the first goal scored by Barella, does not go unnoticed. After an alleged contact with Vertonghen, Immobile collapses to the ground demanding a penalty. The action continues, Barella scores and Immobile – after looking around – gets up ‘cured’ and runs to celebrate with his teammates. The behavior of the Lazio striker, one of the less brilliant protagonists in the match, does not go unnoticed on social networks and is stigmatized by users and fans at all latitudes. ” A miracle “, ironic many. A professor from Georgetown University contributes to spread the images of the episode: Don Moynihan publishes the clip on Twitter and the video goes viral, with tens of thousands of retweets and likes. Tougher judgment is expressed by Alan Shearer, former England striker. An ‘old style’ 9, who would never have thrown himself into the box simulating a serious injury. “I don’t even want to laugh at that because it’s pathetic. It’s pathetically embarrassing what happened, that’s what it is, “says Shearer.It’s a Miracle #ITA #BEL # / 3ZrsJ1PaxS— Acca Cracker (@Acca_Cracker) July 2, 2021

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