Mourinho: “I want to create a winning Rome”

José Mourinho arrives in Rome and sets the first goal of his new mission. Indeed, the first two objectives: “We want to create a winning Rome, but we also want to create a winning future”. Read also “We don’t want success to be an isolated moment. A moment that, of course, everyone would enjoy. We don’t want to have negative consequences. We want to create something that will last. We want to start organizing the club in every area. that has to do with the team “, are the first words of the new Giallorossi coach. “We finished last season 29 points from the first and 16 points from fourth place -the Portuguese coach recalls-. But a club is not judged from last season. A club is judged from a broader point of view. And me. I know very well what AS Roma is. I know the fans, I know the passion, and if you think that the project is ‘tomorrow I arrive and the day after tomorrow we will win’, well, this is not a project. Roma’s is a project with which the property intends to leave a legacy for years to come. It intends to do something important for the club by working on a project that is sustainable. It wants to create the foundation for success. ” “I hope this success can come while I am here – continues Mourinho to the Giallorossi site -. Because the contract I signed is a three-year contract. Maybe it will be only the first contract, maybe one day I will sign a second one. I hope that the results of the match. Our work can be seen while I am here. I really want this to happen. But let’s tackle one thing at a time. I’m very happy to be part of this project. And, I repeat, it’s not someone’s project. It’s someone’s project. As Roma”.

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