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Euro 2020, Costa: “English fans who leave now will not enter the stadium”


On the eve of the Ukraine-England match, valid for the quarter-finals of Euro 2020 which will be played tomorrow at the Olympic stadium in Rome, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Andrea Costa, once again warned the English fans. either those who left yesterday or the other yesterday will certainly not be able to go to see the game “, said Sky TG24. “When we took the decision to issue the provision that provides for a five-day quarantine for those arriving from England – underlined Costa – we did it with a sense of responsibility and in the awareness that it was a measure that was intended to protect the health of our fellow citizens. , to contain any contagion. It is clear that we are faced with a rule issued by our government that must be absolutely respected “.” We hope that even in this case the sense of responsibility prevails and I hope that the English fans do not leave to come to Italy, because they have to to know very clearly that anyone who leaves England or who left yesterday or the other yesterday will certainly not be able to go to see the match “, underlined Costa. The undersecretary admits that” there is a bit of concern but we trust in sense of responsibility, appeals have come from many sides to English fans to stay in their country, not to come to Italy, there is a very clear rule that our country has introduced that is the obligation of quarantine, so we hope that then we must check, verify, a whole series of initiatives have been put in place that will certainly allow strict control and compliance with this rule “. rtite, Costa recalls that “about two months ago it was the English premier who said that it would have been appropriate to play more games in England because at that time it was one of the countries with the lowest number of infections. Today the scenario has objectively changed and, if it was a reflection of common sense, then it is also now, when we say that perhaps it would have been appropriate, evaluating the situation of infections in England, to evaluate the hypothesis of identifying other locations “.” Not we must forget that in a moment like this – Costa emphasized – first we must put the protection of public health, ensuring the unfolding of events, but with caution. If, after all, UEFA had taken into consideration the hypothesis of transferring the offices, it would have been a hypothesis of common sense and rationality. “” I seem to be witnessing in these last hours a discharge of responsibility between UEFA and the governments of the states ” affirms the undersecretary. “UEFA had asked for the percentages of the public in attendance, but I remember – underlined Costa – that the final decisions on health security are up to the States. We decided for 25%, which was the minimum rate. We did it with caution and today we are happy with that choice. As for the final and semifinal – Costa stated – objectively thinking of 60 thousand fans inside a stadium in England causes some concern. I hope that in this respect there are reflections of responsibility. There is still time to review the numbers. To review the venue – he concluded – I realize that the conditions are no longer there, but on taking precautions with respect to the number of fans and access to the stadium perhaps a reflection would be appropriate “.



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