Euro 2020, England beats Germany 2-0 and goes to the quarterfinals

England beat Germany 2-0 in the round of 16 of Euro 2020 and qualify for the quarterfinals. The challenge at Wembley is decided by goals from Sterling and Kane in the last quarter of an hour. Germany are knocked out at the end of a match characterized by balance and a few clear chances before the pyrotechnic final. In the first half, Sterling showed up in the 16th minute with a right-footed shot that called Neuer to the spectacular save. Germany responds in the 32nd minute with the combination that frees Werner to shoot: Pickford remedies at the exit. Before the break, great opportunities for the hosts. Kane, favored by a rebound, tries to skip Neuer but is stopped at the last minute by Hummels. Germany tried to sting at the start of the second half, but Havertz did not surprise Pickford from the edge. The match was blocked until the 75th minute, when England guessed the winning combination. Realish triggered Shaw, who put the ball in the middle and found the insertion of Sterling: Neuer beaten, 1-0. Germany shakes up and could reply in the 80th minute. Sterling combines a disaster, giving the Germans a deadly restart: Mueller is alone in front of Pickford and manages to send the ball to the bottom. The curtain falls at 86 ‘. Gnabry lets the ball blow, Shaw launches Grealish who crosses for the free Kane: header, 2-0 and Germany knocked out.

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