Rugby player Mbandà, ‘kneel against racism? It must be free choice ‘

“I think that exploiting a free thought is the best way to obtain the opposite result compared to the message you want to convey. My thoughts about all the debate that has been created around soccer players and the gesture of kneeling is very simple. : every person has the right to express themselves as they see fit, always with respect for other people. Forcing someone to kneel down to support an initiative is as deleterious as it is to force them not to do so “. So at Adnkronos the rugby player of the Italian national team and Knight of the Republic Maxime Mbanda talking about the choice to kneel against racism after the controversy following the decision of the European football blues for the quarterfinal match with Belgium. “Changing an idea in a person is very difficult, but if you want to try to make them think you must certainly implement positive gestures, but always leaving the freedom to take sides – continues Mbandà, son of a Congolese and an Italian -. Otherwise it would be like return to a monarchy when instead this country has sacrificed many lives in order to obtain a democratic republic back in 1946. It is necessary for everyone to act in full awareness of deciding when, how and why to take action. There are many players themselves who are not for blatant gestures, but in their small way they make an incredible contribution both to this initiative and to other realities in difficulty which perhaps no one even talks about. Yet they are sportsmen, no one forces them to do so “. “Instead, politicians have a totally different task. So my advice to them is that, rather than worrying about waging war with each other in order to win consensus, they try to join forces to find practical solutions to try to this splendid country is better, because the Italians are tired of all these discussions that are lost in thin air, in addition to the various unfulfilled promises and I think they deserve to finally see results “, concludes the third line of the Zebras.

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