From Harry Potter to Hulk, the Swiss fan and Twitter hero

First a crying Harry Potter, then a raging Hulk. On the evening of Switzerland’s feat, which on penalties eliminated world champion France in the second round of Euro 2020, a surprise protagonist appears. A red-cross fan, repeatedly filmed by cameras, has become the hero of Twitter and one of the most successful memes of the Europeans. First, with Switzerland down 3-2 in the 87th minute, the young supporter – who reminds many users of an adult version of Harry Potter – is desperate, almost in tears. At 93 ‘, after the incredible comeback up to 3-3, the Hulk appears in front of the cameras. Off the t-shirt, handsome physique, possessed gaze and angry scream: the metamorphosis is total and conquers Twitter. The Swiss fan is the meme of the year #FranciaSvizzera
I’m a mori ‘— Igiaba (@casamacombo) June 28, 2021

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