Inter, 40 VIP fans ready to become members: who they are

Forty excellent fans ready to invest to support Inter: from Bergomi to Bonolis, from Bocelli to Fognini, from Mentana to Ligabue. Many said yes to the Interspac project, led by Carlo Cottarelli, to promote popular shareholding and provide resources to the club. “Today a very important phase of the initiative we are promoting opens. Fans of football teams will be able to express their interest in participating in a popular shareholding initiative to become owners of their club, if there is the possibility,” he says. Cottarelli, announcing the online questionnaire to monitor subscriptions to the large popular shareholding project for Inter. “Today we can announce the personalities who have decided to promote the popular shareholding of the team they support, Inter, and who will join as partners as soon as the necessary formalities have been completed”, continues Cottarelli announcing the 40 personalities who have decided to join Interspac : Inter fans known among sportsmen, musicians, writers, journalists and television hosts. Among the best known faces Beppe Bergomi, Paolo Bonolis, Andrea Bocelli, Fabio Fognini, Alessandro Cattelan, Luciano Ligabu, Enrico Mentana, Max Pezzali, Enrico Ruggeri, Michele Serra, Giovanni Storti, Roberto Vecchioni, Antonio Versace. “Our only purpose is to support the team we love, but we think that our popular shareholder model is also valid for other Italian football clubs – he concludes -. To discuss it in a structural, long-term vision, on 24 September we will organize a Milan a public meeting inviting, as well as the members of Interspac, personalities from the world of Italian and international football. At this point, let’s go! Come on Inter! And we hope that other Italian fans will want to imitate us. “

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